Table 3: The influence of pharmacological preconditioning with sevoflurane on graft function and length of ICU and hospital stay.

Sevoflurane groupControl group value

Peak AST, IU/L792 (481–1436)1861 (519–3590)0,038*
Peak ALT, IU/L606 (344–892)1191 (392–2137)0,117*
Incidence of EAD, %16,7 (5 of 30)50,0 (15 of 30)0,013**
Length of ICU stay, d6 (5–8)6 (4–9)0,655*
Length of hospital stay, d18 (14–22)18 (15–26)0,833*

Data are as median (interquartile range). AST: aspartate aminotransferase, ALT: alanine aminotransferase, EAD: early allograft dysfunction, ICU: intensive care unit.
*Mann-Whitney test, **Fisher’s exact test, two tailed.