Clinical Study

Breast Surgery Using Thoracic Paravertebral Blockade and Sedation Alone

Table 1

Summary table of surgical cases, number of dermatomal levels blocked, prilocaine 0.5% top-up, intercostobrachial (ICB) nerve sacrifice, recovery opiate requirement, and length of stay data.

Procedure TPVB levelsMean LOS (days)Prilocaine top-up () ICB Nerve cut ()Recovery opiates ()Comments

 1 level42.0 200 Longest LOS 4 days, social reasons
Mastectomy with ANC
 1 level33.0120 Longest LOS 5 days, social reasons
 2 levels 31.0031
Mastectomy with SNB
 1 level11.0000
 2 levels22.0102
 3 levels24.5001 Longest LOS 7 days, infective diarrhoea
Wide local excision
 1 level30000
Wide local excision with SNB
 1 level20001
 2 levels 31.3000
Wire localised biopsy
 1 level20000
 2 levels 10000
Cavity re-excision
 1 level20.5001