Anesthesiology Research and Practice / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Utilization of Smartphone Applications by Anesthesia Providers

Table 1

: Survey questions.

(1) Please select your level of training
  (i) Medical student
  (ii) Anesthesiology resident
  (iii) Anesthesiology fellow
  (iv) CRNA
  (v) SRNA
  (vi) Anesthesiology attending
(2) Please select the best answer regarding your subspecialty of training
  (i) General anesthesiology
  (ii) Outpatient anesthesiology
  (iii) Obstetric anesthesiology
  (iv) Cardiovascular anesthesiology
  (v) Neuroanesthesiology
  (vi) Transplant anesthesiology
  (vii) Pain management
(3) Is your primary mobile phone a “smartphone”, that is, capable of running apps?
  (i) Yes
  (ii) No
(4) What operating system does your smartphone run on?
  (i) Android OS
  (ii) iPhone OS
  (iii) BlackBerry OS
  (iv) Windows mobile OS
  (v) Symbian
  (vi) Palm OS
(5) How often do you use smartphone apps related to anesthesiology in your practice?
  (i) Never
  (ii) Less than once a month
  (iii) Once a month
  (iv) 2-3 times a month
  (v) Once a week
  (vi) 2-3 times a week
  (vii) Daily
(6) Please name some of the apps that you currently use in your anesthesiology practice
  (i) Epocrates
  (ii) Oxford American Handbook of Anesthesiology
  (iii) Sota Omoigui’s Anesthesia Drugs Handbook
  (iv) Anesthesia Drugs
  (v) Handbook of Clinical Anesthesia
  (vi) Anesthesia Drips
  (vii) Memory Master for Nurse Anesthetist
  (viii) SonoAccess
  (ix) Hadzic’s Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  (x) Anesthesia 411
  (xi) Medscape
  (xii) Regional Anesthesia Assistant
  (xiii) Block Buddy
  (xiv) EKG apps
  (xv) Anesthesia Central
  (xvi) Anesthesiology Calc
  (xvii) myAnesthesia
  (xviii) ASRA Coags
  (xix) Journal apps (please specify)
  (xx) Others (please specify)
(7) Please rate the usefulness of various categories on a scale of 0–100
  (i) Journal apps
  (ii) Patient education
  (iii) Airway management simulators
  (iv) Dosage/pharmaceutical apps
  (v) Professional society apps/conference adjuncts
  (vi) Medical calculators
  (vii) Textbooks
  (viii) ITE/board reviews
  (ix) Other educational apps
(8) How much would you be willing to pay for an app that saves you 5–10 minutes/day or 30 minutes/week in your clinical practice?
  (i) Less than 2 USD
  (ii) Less than 5 USD
  (iii) 5–10 USD
  (iv) 10–25 USD
  (v) 25–50 USD
  (vi) More than 50 USD
(9) Would you like to see more “anesthesia-related apps”?
  (i) Yes
  (ii) No