Research Article

Audit on Current Practice of Rapid Sequence Induction and Intubation of Anesthesia in the University of Gondar Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018

Table 2

Preparation of equipment, monitoring, and anesthetic drugs at Gondar University Specialized Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018.

StandardsNo. of anesthetistsWho meet standardsWho did not meet the standardsApplied standards (%)

Are all available monitoring prepared3532291.4
O2 supply, airway equipment, and a suction machine with suction catheter prepared and placed on the table beneath the patient’s head3534197.1
Drugs like thiopentone (3–5 mg/kg) or propofol (1–3 mg/kg) or ketamine (1-2 mg/kg) for hemodynamically unstable patients, suxamethonium (1-2 mg/kg) and fentanyl (1-2 μg/kg) prepared3534197.1
The role of the team confirmed35171848.5
Anticipated difficult airway (LMA, cricothyroidotomy kit, and oxygenation plan) prepared35241168.6
Reliable intravenous cannula placed for free drug and fluid administration3534197.1