Figure 6: Heatmap analysis of antivirus antibody profiles in HIV patients with OLP, KS, and NHL. Antibody levels were evaluated against (1) gp41 of HIV, (2) RT of HIV, (3) p24 of HIV, (4) p23 of EBV, (5) VP1 of MCV, (6) core of HBV, (7) K8.1 of KSHV, (8) v-cyclin of KSHV, (9) NS3 of HCV, and (10) E7 of HPV. As shown in the key, the color code reflects the relative titers in standard deviations above the mean plus five SD of the control subjects or buffer blanks. Individual antibody profiles were then manually clustered based on the presence or absence of particular antibodies. Each row represents an individual patient.