Table 5: Factors associated with an elevated Forns score on multivariate analysis ( = 69)*.

VariableBeta estimate**Standard errorP value

ACEI use for three years1.9240.507<0.001
HIV viral load−5.893e−60.0000.02
Clinical evidence of cirrhosis2.1290.380<0.001
BMI−0.017 0.0320.584
HCV viral load−2.055e−80.0000.397
HBV surface antigen positivity−1.2851.1530.27
Prior treatment with interferon0.4440.7060.532
Alcohol use0.3320.4250.437
Marijuana use−0.1860.8980.836

*The final model included ACEI use for three years, age, race, HIV viral load, clinical evidence of cirrhosis with an adjusted of 0.587, a standard error of the estimate of 1.498, and an overall value < 0.001.
**Beta estimate is the magnitude of effect that each variable has on the Forns score.