Table 1: Sociodemographic characteristics of female sex workers by presence and nature of noncommercial partnerships, Andhra Pradesh, 2009 ( ).

Sociodemographic characteristicsPresence of noncommercial partnersNature of noncommercial partnership
No Yes P valueRegular Nonregular P value
( )( )( )( )

Age ≥30 years58.349.7<0.00144.651.40.003
Mean age in years (SD)30.9 (7.9)29.8 (6.4)0.01229.9 (6.2)29.6 (6.9)0.250
Formal schooling41.240.90.87837.850.1<0.001
Marital status
 Never married23.94.3<0.00116.8
 Currently married20.884.6<0.00140.3
Typology of sex work
 Home based17.916.60.41017.514.10.057
 Public place based64.665.20.73764.966.00.647
 Brothel based8.19.00.3837.912.10.002
 Phone based9.59.10.7457.99.60.365
Mean duration of sex work (SD)6.6 (3.7)5.2 (4.6)<0.0014.9 (4.1)6.1 (5.2)0.002
No source of income other than sex work62.248.2<0.00143.960.6<0.001

SD: standard deviation.
P values are obtained by comparing values for FSWs with and without noncommercial partners. Significances of the differences in percentages were tested using Z-test. Significances of differences in average values were tested using unpaired t-test.