Table 5: Scale from the Matched Pair Instrument assessing physician-patient communication behaviors.


1Your doctor greeted you in a way that made you feel comfortable
2Discussed your reason(s) for coming today
3Encouraged you to express your thoughts concerning your health problems
4Listened carefully to what you had to say
5Understood what you had to say
6If a physical examination was required for your health concerns, the doctor fully explained what was done and why
7Explained the lab tests needed (e.g., blood, X-rays, ultrasound, etc.)
8Discussed treatment options with you
9Gave you as much information as you wanted
10Checked to see if the treatment plan(s) was acceptable to you
11Explained medications, if any, including possible side effects
12Encouraged you to ask questions
13Responded to your questions and concerns
14Showed concern about you as a person
15Involved you in decisions about your health as much as you wanted
16Discussed next steps including any follow-up plans
17Checked to be sure you understood everything
18Spent the right amount of time with you
19Overall, you were satisfied with your visit to the doctor today

NB: SA: strongly agree, A: agree, NAD: neither agree nor disagree, D: disagree, and SD: strongly disagree.