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Assessing Very Early Infant Diagnosis Turnaround Times: Findings from a Birth Testing Pilot in Lesotho

Table 2

Turnaround time (in days) for all cohort study children diagnosed as HIV-infected at birth and 6 weeks during the entire cohort study (July 2014–October 2016).

Blood draw to receipt at NRL+Receipt of specimen at NRL to testing at NRLTesting at NRL to result receipt at health facilityResult receipt at facility to receipt by caregiverBlood draw to receipt by caregiverInfant age at receipt by caregiverResult receipt by caregiver to treatment initiationBlood draw to ART initiationInfant age at treatment initiation

Diagnosed by birth DNA PCR test
All infants, 333555555
Median time (IQR)
All infants, range12.0–21.00–4.012.0–16.00–19.028.0–61.029.0–61.00–8.028.0–62.029.0–62.0

Diagnosed by 6-week DNA PCR test
All infants, 222222222
Median time (IQR)

number of infants contributing to each step varied as some dates were not available to calculate all steps for each infant. values are presented in days except for the number of infants contributing to each step (); ART: antiretroviral therapy; IQR: interquartile range; : number; NRL: National Reference Laboratory.