Table 3: Annual incremental cost of adding a PrEP component for HIV uninfected partners in HIV serodiscordant relationships to the current ART program.

Type of cost As studied less research and current care costsWith Ministry of Health costs

For couplesPer coupleFor couplesPer couple



Laboratory tests$37,186.83$25.75$18,051.86$12.50


Building and Vehicle costs$1,200.00$0.83$1,200.00$0.83

Recruitment activities$25,957.00$17.97$3,875.00$2.68

Start up activities$422.77$0.29$317.97$0.22

Total cost (US $)$441,555.40$305.75$125,338.15$86.79

We estimate that an HIV care clinic can enroll 1444 HIV serodiscordant couples into the integrated PrEP and ART program in a year.