Review Article

Ileovesicostomy Update: Changes for the 21st Century

Table 1

Comparison of complications.

AuthorYear IndicationComplications

Schwartz et al. [12]199423SCI, MS, CP, myelomeningoceleEarly: pneumonia, bladder outlet obstruction, increased LPP
Late: stomal stenosis, parastomal hernia, detrusor hyperreflexia

Mutchnik et al. [6]19976SCIUTI, urethral urine leakage, urinary retention

Gudziak et al. [5]199913SCI, MS, tuberculosis meningitisStomal stenosis, wound infection, ileus, vesicovaginal fistula

Leng et al. [11]199938SCI, infracervical SCI, MS, otherEarly: stomal stenosis, dysreflexia, wound infection, stomal prolapse/stenosis, SBO
Late: renal and bladder calculi, retracting stoma, UTI, fascial stenosis, ileal limb kink, stricture

Tan et al. [17]200850SCI, MS, spina bifida, radical retropubic prostatectomyStomal complications (stenosis, ulcerations, retractions, hernia), obstruction, stomal stenosis, ileal-kinking, mucus plugging, stricture, wound infections, SBO/ileus, wound dehiscence/evisceration, intra-abdominal abscess, hernia

Zimmerman8SCI, fistulaUTI, wound dehiscence, blood stream infection, ileus

SCI: spinal cord injury, MS: multiple sclerosis, UTI: urinary tract infection, SBO: small bowel obstruction, CP: cerebral palsy, LPP: leak point pressure.