Table 2: Summary of pharmacotherapy trials.

StudyNAge, yTreatmentStudy designStudy durationEfficacy measuresEfficacy outcomes

Bump et al. 2008 [36]Cohort A: 1424
Cohort B: 2515
Cohort A: 53.2
Cohort B: 55.5
Duloxetine 40 mg bidPooled analysis
Cohort A: 3 randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies and 1 open-label, single arm trial
Cohort B: one randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study
30 mos
18 mos
Cohort A: PGI-I scores; discontinuation rates
Cohort B: PGI-I scores; diaries; discontinuation rates
PGI-I much or very much better:
 Cohort A: 71.5%
 Cohort B: 57.4%
Decrease in SUI episodes at end point:
 Cohort A: N/A
 Cohort B: 70%
Discontinued by 12 months:
 Cohort A: 57.5%
 Cohort B: 79.5%

Vella et al. 2008 [35]228N/ADuloxetine 40 mg bidOpen label, single arm12 mosDiscontinuation ratesDiscontinued by 4 wks: 69%
Discontinued by 12 mos: 91%
At 12 mos, 10 women were on no treatment and had not undergone surgery; of these, 6 were considered cured

Abbreviations: N/A, not available; PGI-I, Patient Global Impression-Improvement rating scale.