Table 3: Genetic polymorphisms associated to BCG outcome. The markers are ordered from the most studied to the less, and, within each marker, the studies are ordered by quality score.

MarkerAuthorQualitynTreatment schemeImpactRFS (P/HR (95% CI))

 D543N GGChiong et al., [73]6/899mBCG0.033/4.6 (1.4–15.2)
 D543N GADecobert et al., [74]6/867iBCG + mBCG0.0271/5.74 (2.4–13.8)
 (GT)n allele 3Chiong et al., [73]6/899mBCGNS/24.8 (3.08–199.9)
Decobert et al., [74]6/867iBCG + mBCGNoneNS/NS
 469 + 14 G/CDecobert et al., [74]6/867iBCG + mBCGNoneNS/NS
 274 C/TDecobert et al., [74]6/867iBCG + mBCGNoneNS/NS
 1465 − 85 G/ADecobert et al., [74]6/867iBCG + mBCGNoneNS/NS

XPA 5UTR A/GGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCG0.078

 Lys 939 GlnGangwar et al., [76]7/877iBCG0.044/3.98 (1.02–10.7)*
Gu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCGNoneNS
 PAT ins/delGangwar et al., [76]7/877iBCGNoneNS*
Gu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCGNoneNS
 Ala 499 ValGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCGNoneNS

 Asp312AsnGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCGNoneNS
 Lys751GlnGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCGNoneNS

XPG Asp1104HisGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG + mBCGNoneNS

 −251 T/AAhirwar et al., [81]7/871iBCG+<0.001/0.12 (0.04–0.38)
Leibovici, [86]6/8123iBCG/mBCGNoneNS /NS
 +678 C/TAhirwar et al., [81]7/871iBCGNoneNS

 −1031 T/CAhirwar et al., [85]7/873iBCG+0.024/0.38 (0.14–0.98)
 −857 C/TAhirwar et al., [85]7/873iBCGNoneNS
 −863 C/AAhirwar et al., [85]7/873iBCGNoneNS
 −308 G/AAhirwar et al., [84]6/869iBCGNoneNS
Leibovici, [86]6/8123iBCG/mBCGNoneNS /NS

IL6 −174 G/CAhirwar et al., [84]6/869iBCG+0.021/0.298 (0.09–091)
Leibovici, [86]6/8123iBCG/mBCGNS /4.6 (1.24–17)

hGPX Pro198Leu C/TChiong et al., 2010 [73]6/899mBCGNoneNS

 −519 A/GSrivastava, [90]6/8iBCGNoneNS
 −1607 1G/2GSrivastava, [90]6/8iBCG+0,030

 −735 C/TSrivastava, [91]7/878iBCGNoneNS
 −1306 C/TSrivastava, [91]7/878iBCG0.039/2.06 (1.01–4.18)

 −1171 5A/6ASrivastava, [92]6/878iBCG0.025/2.01 (0.98–4.12)
 Rs6796720 G/ASrivastava, [92]6/878iBCGNoneNS
 Rs 520540 A/GSrivastava, [92]6/878iBCGNoneNS

MMP7 −181 A/GSrivastava, [90]6/8iBCGNoneNS

MMP8 +799 C/TSrivastava, [91]7/878iBCGNoneNS

 Q279R A/GSrivastava, [92]6/878iBCGNoneNS
 P574R G/CSrivastava, [92]6/878iBCGNoneNS
 R668Q G/ASrivastava, [92]6/878iBCGNoneNS
ERCC1 3UTR G/TGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG/mBCGNoneNS

 Asp312Asn G/AGangwar et al., [77]6/874iBCG0.005/3.07 (1.22–7.68)
 Lys751Gln A/CGangwar et al., [77]6/874iBCGNoneNS

 Met1097Val A/GGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG/mBCG0.022
 Arg1230Pro G/CGu et al., [75]6/8112iBCG/mBCGNoneNS

APEX1 Asp148Glu T/GGangwar et al., [77]6/874iBCGNoneNS

 −1290 A/GGangwar et al., [83]6/879iBCGNoneNS
 −1195 G/AGangwar et al., [83]6/879iBCGNoneNS
 −765 G/CGangwar et al., [83]6/879iBCG2.43 (0.34–1.85)
 +8473 T/CGangwar et al., [83]6/879iBCGNoneNS

IFNA LOHCai, [82]7/877mBCG<0.0001/4.09 (2.59–6.28)*

IFNG +874 T/AAhirwar et al., [80]7/873iBCG2.24 (1.06–5.80)

NFkB ATTG Ins/DelAhirwar et al., [81]7/871iBCG0.031/2.53 (1.00–6.36)

 −1263 A/GGangwar et al., [88]7/879iBCG+0.024/0.27 (0.15–0.62)
 −293 Ins/DelGangwar et al., [88]7/879iBCGNoneNS

CASP8 −6N Ins/DelGangwar et al., [88]7/879iBCGNoneNS

IL4 VNTRAhirwar et al., [84]6/869iBCGNoneNS

IL1B −511 C/TAhirwar et al., [80]7/873iBCGNoneNS

IL1RN VNTRAhirwar et al., [80]7/873iBCGNoneNS

TGFB1 +28 C/TAhirwar et al., [80]7/873iBCG+0.37 (0.14–0.98)

MDM2 +309 G/TGangwar et al., [89]6/879iBCG+0.25 (0.08–0.80)

CCDN1 +870G/AGangwar et al., [89]6/879iBCGNoneNS

FAS −670A/GGangwar et al., [89]6/879iBCGNoneNS

 Arg194Trp C/TMittal et al., [78]5/861iBCGNoneNS*
 Arg280His G/AMittal et al., [78]5/861iBCGNoneNS*
 Arg399Gln G/AMittal et al., [78]5/861iBCG0.004/5.05 (1.34–19.01)*

 +18067 C/TMittal et al., [79]7/873iBCGNoneNS
 +17893 A/GMittal et al., [79]7/873iBCGNoneNS

 +1394 G/TMittal et al., [79]7/873iBCGNoneNS
 Intron 3 (rs2836007)Mittal et al., [79]7/873iBCGNoneNS
 Intron 7 (rs2836317)Mittal et al., [79]7/873iBCGNoneNS
 Intron 7 (rs1805377)Mittal et al., [79]7/873iBCGNoneNS

PPARG Pro12AlaLeibovici, [86]6/8123iBCG/mBCGNoneNS /NS

 rs6463089 G/AChen et al., [93]7/8204iBCG + mBCG2.40 (1.50–3.84)*
 rs3801192 G/AChen et al., [93]7/8204iBCG + mBCG2.54 (1.47–4.39)*

iBCG: induction BCG scheme only.
mBCG: maintenance BCG scheme.
−: negative impact, marker associated with a poor BCG response.
+: positive impact, marker associated to a better BCG response.
RFS: recurrence-free survival; P value for log-rank test/HR: hazard ratio from Cox regression; (95% Cl): 95% confidence interval.
NS: no statistical significance.
*all analysed variables (indepent prognostic factor).
adjusted for age, gender, ethnicity, tumour stage and grade, smoking history, and BCG vaccination status.
adjusted for Cis background, multifocality, and mBCG treatment.
adjusted for age, gender, and smoking history.
adjusted for age, gender, smoking history, and grade.
adjusted for age and gender.