Table 1: Summary of studies.

AuthorNumber of patientsTime of implant placementMean followup (yrs) Satisfaction metrics

Bettochi et al. [7]792004–20082.8Frequent use of penile prosthesis97
Improvement in sex92
Would recommend surgery to others97

Natali et al. [8]331990–20045Patient satisfaction97
Considerably met expectations91
Likelihood of continued use97
Lack of difficulty in use91
Confidence in having sex91
Assessment of partner satisfaction91
Feels partner wants continued use97
Same or improved hardness before ED100

Brinkman et al. [9]2481992–1998range: 2–8 yearsSatisfied69
Satisfied or ambivalent80
Would have surgery again80
Would recommend surgery84

Carson et al. [10]2071987–19967.2Satisfied 4-5 on 5-point scale76
Erection suitable for sex87
Use at least twice monthly79
Recommend to friend/relative88

Montorsi et al. [11]2001986–19974.9Still having sex93
Satisfactory erections98
Satisfactory sexual activity92

Holloway and Farah [12]1451990–19943.5Overall satisfaction85
Sustained satisfaction86
Partner satisfaction76

Goldstein et al. [13]2341989–19931.9Fulfilled expectations89
Ability to have intercourse83
Confidence with intercourse80
Device rigidity84
Device function84
Recommend surgery86

Garber [14]50Pre-19941.25Satisfied with device98
Partner satisfied with device96
Would undergo procedure again98
Would recommend surgery98

Goldstein et al. [15] 96 1989–1991 2.25Fulfilled expectations82
Satisfaction 9 or better on 12-pt scale77