Table 2: Final multivariable linear regression models for the SISTEr and TOMUS trials with outcome of UDI-I.

valueEstimate** valueEstimate**

 Non-Hispanic white48.1741.24
 Non-Hispanic black55.6747.06
 Non-Hispanic other52.6547.80
 <High school56.2346.50
 High school/GED50.1950.52
 >High school49.0445.27
UI Severity (PGI-S)*<0.0001.
Charlson Comorbidity Index (CCI)*0.0003
 2+ N/A50.97
UDI stress score<0.00010.170.060.08
Body mass index0.0020.440.340.13
IIQ total <0.00010.11<0.00010.09
Pad weight (10 g per unit) 39

UI severity and number of comorbidities were not collected in the SISTEr trial.
**For categorical predictors, least squares means are reported, and for continuous covariates, regression coefficients are reported.