Table 4: List of some of the reported studies on lymphoma of the urinary bladder with outcome.

ReferencesTypes and numbers of lymphomas of the urinary bladderTypes of managementDuration of followupOutcomeTotal

Bates et al. [2] 6 cases of primary lymphoma
3 extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of MALT type
3 diffuse B-cell lymphomas
Various details are not available
66 years/female, large bladder mass-low-grade MALT-type lymphoma T3
1 yearIndolent course with good prognosis
79 years/female
Low-grade MALT-type
No followupUnknown
59 years female T2-T3 low grade MALT type Alive with disease1
84 years/female, T3 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma3 years
6 months
Died of disease after 6 months
67/years male, Solid tumour diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, had radiotherapy and chemotherapy16 yearsAlive with disease after 16 years
80 years/female
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, had radiotherapy
3 years 8 monthsAlive and well after 3 years 8 months
5 cases of secondary lymphoma
4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
1 nodular sclerosis non-Hodgkin’s disease
Various details are not available to author
4 patients had followup up to 13 months
4 patients died within 13 months of followup
65-year-old male laparotomy showed mass involving ileum and generalised lymphadenopathy. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma secondary to systemic follicular lymphoma13 months
Died of disease after 13 months
Died of disease after 10 months
41 years/male
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma had caecal mass and abdominal lymph adenopathy biopsy showed malignant lymphoma had radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Radiotherapy and chemotherapy10 months
32 years/male, necropsy showed abdominal mass and lymphadenopathy. Diffuse large B-cell lymphomaDied of disease.
No followup
Died of disease.
Died of disease after 1 month
76/female, mass in lower abdomen, swollen left leg, lymphadenopathy in left groin, and right axilla. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
81-year-old, female known Hodgkin’s
1 month
No followup
No follow-up
Disease developed to nodular sclerosis Hodgkin’s disease of bladder

Kempton et al. [3]Primary B-cell MALT-type lymphoma of bladder in 6 patients
Nonlocalized lymphoma (17 cases)
1 low-grade lymphoma of MALT type
12 large cell lymphoma
4 follicle centre lymphoma

Secondary lymphoma occurred in 13 patients (2 with low-grade lymphoma of the MALT type; 1 with follicle centre lymphoma; 1 with mantle cell lymphoma; 9 with diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
Various 1940 to 1996Complete remission. No patient died and no patient developed recurrent disease.
Excluding two patients who died postoperatively, median survival was 9 years; 6 patients died of lymphoma in the follow-up group

Median survival was 0.6 years
6 patients

Al-Maghrabi et al. [4]4 cases of primary lymphoma
(they had B-cell; centrocyte-like cells plasmacytoid or both)
All patients were treated by radiotherapy2 to 13 yearsGood prognosis (all the four with no recurrence and alive)4 patients