Advances in Urology / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

The Persistence of Silodosin Monotherapy and the Reasons for Withdrawal from Treatment of Previously Untreated Japanese Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Suggestive of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Table 2

Comparison of baseline characteristics among three subgroups.

ParametersSymptom-resolution group ()Continuing group () Treatment-failure group ()

Age (years)75.0(8.1)73.8(6.8)70.4(6.8)
PV (ml)35.3(13.3)42.4(16.3)40.6(18.7)
PSA (ng/ml)2.5(2.0)4.7(10.4)3.2(2.4)
QOL index4.2(1.4)4.2(1.4)4.0(0.7)
PVR (ml)75.7(79.7)60.4(70.2)74.4(110.6)

Baseline parameters did not significantly differ between the symptom-resolution group and the continuing group, the symptom-resolution group and treatment-failure group, and the continuing group and the treatment-failure group.