Advances in Urology / 2021 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Characteristics of Obstetric and Iatrogenic Urogenital Fistulas in Burkina Faso: A Cross-Sectional Study

Table 4

Logistic regression model.

ORStd errzCI = 95%

Age (≤35 years/>35 years)0.900.28−0.340.732[0.49–1.66]
Fistula size (≤1 cm/>1 cm)0.350.15−2.460.014[0.15–0.8]
Sclerosis (yes/no)1.160.550.320.752[0.45–2.94]
Urethra lesion (yes/no)0.260.18−1.950.051[0.07–1.008]
T1 of Goh’s classification (yes/no)0.0780.06−3.52<0.001[0.02–0.32]
T2 of Goh’s classification (yes/no)0.30.18−2.010.045[0.09–0.97]
Retrotrigonal fistula (yes/no)[0.56–5.77]
Trigonal fistula (yes/no)1.550.890.760.444[0.50–4.79]
Bladder dome fistula (yes/no)2.511.531.520.129[0.76–8.27]
Area of residence (rural/urban)0.450.15−2.470.014[0.24–0.85]

RSUI: residual stress urinary incontinence.