Advances in Virology / 2011 / Article / Fig 3

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The Evolutionary Processes of Canine Coronaviruses

Figure 3

Phylogenetic tree of the spike protein of coronaviruses. CoV strains employed for tree construction are reported (GenBank accession numbers are reported in parentheses). Alphacoronaviruses: CCoV type 2 Insavc (D13096), CCoV type 2 K378 (X77047), CCoV type 2 BGF10 (AY342160), CCoV type 2 CB/05 (DQ112226), CCoV type 1 Elmo/02 (AY307020), CCoV type 1 23/03 (AY307021), FCoV type 2 79-1146 (X06170), FCoV type 2 79-1683 (X80799), FCoV type 1 KU-2 (D32044), FCoV type 1 Black (AB088223), FCoV type 1 UCD1 (AB088222), TGEV Miller (S51223), PRCoV RM4 (Z24675), PEDV CV777 (NC_003436), HCoV-229E (NC_002645), CFBCoV CFB/GD/DM95/03 (EF192156). Betacoronaviruses: SARS-CoV tor2 (NC_004718), BCoV-Mebus (U00735), CRCoV 4182 (DQ682406), HCoV OC43 (NC_005147), PHEV VW572 (DQ011855), MHV A59 (AY700211), SDAV 681 (AF207551), ECoV NC99 (NC010327). Gammacoronaviruses: IBV Beaudette (DQ830981), TCoV G1 (AY342357). Phylogenetic tree was generated by the neighbour-joining method in the Mega3 program [51], and statistical support was provided by bootstrapping >1,000 replicates. Scale bar indicates amino acid substitutions per site. Dog CoVs are grey shaded.