Research Article

The Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Viability of the SARS Coronavirus

Table 1

WHO SARS report—based on data as of the 31st December 2003.

AreasTotalMedan ageDeathsCase fatality Ratio (%)No. of imported Cases (%)No. of HCW (%)First caseLast case

China5327NKn3497NA1002 (19)Nov-02Jun-03
Hong Kong17554029917NA386 (22)Feb-03May-03
Taiwan34642371121 (6)68 (20)Feb-03Jun-03
Singapore2383533148 (3)97 (41)Feb-03May-03
Viet Nam6343581 (2)36 (57)Feb-03Apr-03
Indonesia256002 (100)0 (0)Apr-03Apr-03
Malaysia5302405 (100)0 (0)Mar-03Apr-03
Thailand9422229 (100)1 (11)Mar-03May-03
Philippines14412147 (50)4 (29)Feb-03May-03

Total80967749.61421706 (21)