Figure 1: Neutralization of chimeric psVs by antibodies 447-52D (purple) and 2219 (blue). The psV consist of the SF162 strain with its V3 loop replaced by the indicated V3 loop sequence. Consensus B-R18Q is a psV consisting of the consensus subtype B V3 loop sequence with position 18 in the V3 loop mutated from a subtype B consensus arginine to a subtype C consensus glutamine. IC50 is the amount of antibody in ug/mL required to achieve 50% neutralization. The negative base 10 logarithm of the IC50 has been plotted for easier comparison: higher, positive bars towards the top of the graph indicate strong neutralization by the antibody. Antibodies were only tested to a concentration of 20 ug/mL for neutralization, so the negative value of 1.3 on the plot is maximal and indicated no detectable neutralization by the antibody. Adapted from [14].