Table 2: IC50s (ug/mL) of 15 different antibodies (columns) derived from subtype B and subtype A infected patients neutralizing the infectivity of psVs containing the subtype C and B V3 sequences in the SF162 Env backbone. For comparison, the IC50 values for a non-V3 Ab (b12) are as follows: clade B cons. (JR-FL) = 0.009 ug/mL; clade C cons. = 0.02 ug/mL, all others untested; which does not show as dramatic a difference in neutralization between the two psVs. 135 MPL23a is a subtype C primary isolate and is included as an example of IC50 values in non-neutralization-sensitive (“masked”) backgrounds. IC50 values are font-type coded as follows: bold >0.1 ug/mL; italic <0.1 ug/mL; bold/italic <0.01 ug/mL.

V3 sequenceAnti-V3 mAbs from clade B infected patientsAnti-V3 mAbs from clade A infected patients

c1. B cons (JR-FL)0.00090.00550.00180.00530.00390.000540.00230.00120.00130.00550.00370.00490.00270.00510.12
clade A1 cons2.8114.40.0270.0680.0830.580.0430.029>200.0150.0250.0380.0320.0440.029
clade C cons>20>20>202.50.44>200.590.15>
IC50 ratios B/C>22,000>3,600>11,000470113>37,000257125>15,000364341933451.4
135 MPI 23a*>20>20>20>20>20>20>20>20>208.0>2077.093.0>20>20

*Primary subtype C isolate.