Figure 1: Structure of the JD0G virus compared to the wild-type HSV-1 virus. Schematics depicting the genome structure of wild-type HSV-1 (top) and the JD0G virus (bottom). The unique long (UL) and unique short (US) portions of the viral genome are indicated with solid lines, and the repeat regions of the genome (ab/b′a′, a′c′/ca) are shown as open boxes. The locations of the two ICP0 loci are designated with inverted triangles. Black boxes represent deleted regions of the JD0G genome. The joint deletion removes a region spanning positions from 116,982 to 132,605 of the HSV genome (nucleotide positions based on NC_001806). The terminal ICP0-deletion (ΔICP0) replaces the ICP0 coding sequence with an hCMV:eGFP expression cassette.