Table 2: Followup information from individuals with TDR associated with ARV resistance.

IDa HIV exposureb Agec/genderd ART regimeneCD4+ T cellsViral load Time to last
VL/CD4 testj
Resistance mutations
Resistance mutations
Before ARTfLast testgBefore ARThLast testi

BR08SP441MSM25/MTDF/3TC/EFV312 3114.40 4.78N.AE138AB
BR09SP005MSM41/MAZT/3TC/LPV38810254.77<1.7013 monthsE138AB
BR09CA065MSM37/MTDF/3TC/EFV2486414.43<1.708 monthsV82IB
BR09CA067MSM38/MAZT/3TC/EFV2448174.58<1.7031 monthsV82IB
BR09CA071MSM29/M487 5623.58 2.61K103NK103NB
BR09CA075WSM66/FAZT/3TC/EFV2243785.70<1.7018 monthsE138AB
BR09CA091MSM30/MTDF/3TC/LPV/r2603844.94<1.7026 monthsK103NK103NB
BR09CA097WSM40/F567 5674.18 4.18G190AG190AB
BR09CA175MSM29/MAZT/3TC/ATV/r2831643.763.58No supressionK103NK103NB
BR09CA190WSM32/FAZT/3TC/EFV2076094.47<1.7037 monthsE138AB
BR09CA192MSM29/M751 6863.74 4.25K103NK103NB
BR09CA194IDU+MSM34/MN.A.230 230<1.70N.A.Q58EB
BR09CA210MSM22/M741 6365.19 4.90M41L, T215EM41LB
BR09CA262IGN29/FN.A.2172095.45 5.24V82I/E138AC
BR09CA264MSM39/MAZT/3TC/EFV2436294.78<1.7037 monthsV82IB
BR09CA271MSM29/MTDF/3TC/EFV1975574.50<1.7026 monthsM41LM41LB
BR09CA296MSM26/MTDF/3TC/LPV/r2217233.95<1.7029 monthsK103NK103NB
BR09CA298MSW26/M731 6684.00 4.65M230LM230LB
BR09CA300MSM21/M1062 7293.29 3.20V82IB
BR09SP310MSM27/MTDF/3TC/RAL1089555.55<1.7015 monthsE138AB
BR09CA343MSM34/MAZT/3TC/EFV3353884.41<1.7035 monthsE138AB
BR09CA344WSM39/F381 4543.81 4.42K101P, K103SK101P, K103SB
BR09CA355WSM53/FTDF/3TC/EFV3187873.52<1.7027 monthsL90ML90MB
BR09SP588MSM33/M517 4414.49 4.07M46I, L90M/K101P, G190AM46I, Q58E, L90M/K101P, G190AB
BR09SP003pARV+MSM41/MTDF/3TC/DRV/r/RAL3124904.86<1.703 monthsM46I, G73S, I84V, L90M/M41L, V75M, F77L, T215D, Y188LM46I, I54V, I84V, L90M/M41L, F77L, Y188LB
BR09CA078pARV+WSM40/FAZT/3TC/EFV2974923.57<1.7014 monthsA72VB
BR09CA095pARV+MSM32/M631 6582.68 3.07K103N, L90MK103N, L90MB
BR09CA187pARV+WSM25/F656 5923.93 4.24V82IB
BR09CA280pARV28/M632 3953.61 4.19K103NK103NB
BR09CA372pARV+MSM29/MTDF/3TC/ATV/r2737744.73 <1.7037 monthsK103NK103NB
BR09CA197pARV+WSM47/FN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.T215S, I85VB
BR09SP253pARV+WSM47/F1142 13342.06 2.70V82IB

aSamples ID (BR from Brazil, 09 for year of collection, and CA or SP for clinical site and samples number).
bExposure as MSM men that refers to sex with other men, WSM for women that refers to sex with men, IDU for intravenous drug use, and pARV for patients referring to sex with one or more partners using antiretroviral therapy.
cAge in years, dgender as M for male, and F for female.
eART treatment as first regimen or no treatment.
fCD4+ T cells prior to treatment start (pre-ART) and glast CD4 available (bold for CD4 values higher than pre-ART, when ARV was taken);
hViral load prior to ART (before ART) and ilast VL available. (bold for undetectable viral copies/mL, <1.70 log10, when ARV was taken).
jTime since treatment initiation until last CD4/VL determination in months.
k,lResistance mutations observed (Stanford CPR and 2011 IAS list).
mViral subtype at pol region.
N.A. for data not available.