Figure 4: Expression of PARG, the endogenous enzyme counteracting PARP1/2 proteins, increases RdRP activity in influenza-infected cells. (a) HEK 293T cells were transfected with an RdRP reporter plasmid, and empty vector or cDNA expressing NPM, PARP1, PARG, or IMPDH2. After 24h, cells were infected with low-path, H5N1 HALo virus at MOI indicated, and viral polymerase activity was analyzed 20h.p.i. by luciferase reporter assay. All experiments were performed in independent biological duplicates with two readings per well (a total of four readings per condition). (b) Western blot with expression of FLAG-NPM1 plasmid; vector, pC; for PARP1 plasmid; see Figure S5B.