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Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology
Volume 2003, Issue 3, Pages 208-211
Research article

Novel HLA Class I Alleles Associated with Indian Leprosy Patients

HLA Department, Institute of Immunohaematology (ICMR), 13th Floor, KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 400012, Maharastra, India

Received 19 October 2002; Revised 23 November 2002; Accepted 6 December 2002

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Convincing results on HLA Class II associations have been reported, however data on HLA class I association are limited and inconsistent from studies in Leprosy. We present here the HLA A, B, and C allele distribution by molecular high resolution PCR-SSOP technique in 32 leprosy patients compared with the 67 controls, from the same ethnic background. The significant results from the present study were a significant increase in frequency of HLA A*0206, A*1102, B*4016, B*5110, Cw*0407, and Cw*0703 was observed when compared to controls. A striking decrease in the frequency of HLA A*0101, Cw*04011, and Cw*0602 leprosy patients was observed when compared to the controls. Further haplotype A*1102-B*4006-Cw*1502 was significantly increased among the lepromatous leprosy patients when compared to the controls. It seems that HLA class I alleles play vital roles in disease association/pathogenesis with leprosy among Indians.