Research Article

Combined Use of MS2 and PP7 Coat Fusions Shows that TIA-1 Dominates hnRNP A1 for K-SAM Exon Splicing Control

Figure 1

Coat fusion dimers and their interactions with RNA hairpins. (a) Schematic representation of PP7 and MS2 coat dimers. Dimers contain a FLAG epitope (DYKDDDDK), the SV40 nuclear localization sequence (NLS) PKKKRKV, and either two PP7 FG coat monomers (PP7 coat) joined by the linker TS(GGGGS)4IH or two MS2 V75E A81G coat monomers (MS2 coat) linked by an alanine residue (Ala). Vectors used here allow production of proteins with additional sequences (grey box) between the FLAG tag and the coat proteins. (b) Schematic representations of PP7 (A1-PP or TIA-PP) and MS2 (A1-MM or TIA-MM) coat fusions, and their predicted interactions with cognate and noncognate RNA hairpins. P: PP7 FG coat monomer; M: MS2 V75E A81G coat monomer. Grey ellipse: fusion partner.