Figure 4: CMS markedly increases the extent of aortic atherosclerosis development in apoE-/- mice. (A)–(C) Representative photographs of aortic sinuses from control apoE-/- (top) and CMS (bottom) apoE-/- mice. (a) Aortas of apoE-/- mice subjected to CMS or normal condition (control) for 0 week (A), 4 weeks (B), and 12 weeks (C) were isolated and stained for lipid deposition Soudan IV. Representative specimens from the two groups are shown. (b) Quantification of plaque areas in whole aortas in CMS and control apoE-/- mice stained for lipid deposition with Soudan IV. Each bar represents mean  ± SEM ( per group). Total plaque area in CMS mice was significantly increased compared with corresponding control mice. **P , ***P versus the control group.