Figure 5: CMS markedly increases the extent of atherosclerosis development in aortic sinus of apoE-/- mice. (A)–(F) Representative photographs of aortic sinuses from control apoE-/- (top) and CMS (bottom) apoE-/- mice. 6  m frozen sections of apoE-/- mice subjected to CMS or normal condition (control) for 0 week (A), (D), 4 weeks (B), (E), 12 weeks (C), (F) were stained with H&E (A)–(C) and oil red O (D)–(F), respectively. (b), (c) Quantification of plaque areas in aortic sinuses in CMS and control apoE-/- mice stained for lipid deposition with oil red O. Each bar represents mean  ± SEM ( per group). Total plaque area in CMS mice was significantly increased compared with corresponding control mice. **P , ***P versus the control group. (Magnification   100).