Research Article

Alterations in Adenylate Kinase Activity in Human PBMCs after In Vitro Exposure to Electromagnetic Field: Comparison between Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF) and Therapeutic Application of a Musically Modulated Electromagnetic Field (TAMMEF)

Scheme 1

Block diagram of the instruments used to generate ELF EMFs and TAMMEFs. The current produced by the audiotape is connected to the inputs of two amplifiers. The outgoing current from Amplifier M goes into electromagnets that generate the field (ELF or TAMMEF); the outgoing current from Amplifier A leads to a speaker, so that the piece can be contemporary listened. The two channels are separated because they have to be independent. The gain of Amplifier M is adjusted during the calibration phase and is then kept at a fixed setting. This ensures that changes in the EMF depend only on the pilot signal. The gain of Amplifier A, which determines the sound intensity, is adaptable to changing needs.