Research Article

Novel miR390-Dependent Transacting siRNA Precursors in Plants Revealed by a PCR-Based Experimental Approach and Database Analysis

Figure 5

Nucleotide sequence alignment of ta-siARF loci of mosses. (a) Alignment of Brachythecium latifolium clone 50 Br sequence and Physcomitrella patens TAS3d. (b) Alignment of B. latifolium clone 47 Br sequence and Hookeria lucens with P. patens TAS3b and TAS3c. Sequences of B. latifolium and H. lucens (undelined) were determined in this study, the others were from GeneBank. Boxes indicate miR390 complementary sites, ta-siARF sequence regions and ta-siAP2 regions. Shading shows residues identical for the given position in most sequences. Sequences of B. latifolium and H. lucens miR390 complementary sites originate from primers used for the amplification of ta-siARF loci. GeneBank accession numbers of the sequences included in the alignment are as follows: Brachythecium latifolium clone 50 Br, FJ804747; Brachythecium latifolium clone 47 Br, FJ804748; Hookeria lucens, FJ804749; Physcomitrella patens TAS3d, BK005828; P. patens TAS3b, BK005826; P. patens TAS3c, BK005827.