Figure 5: Individual Raman spectra within a single mesenchymal stem cell (red: nucleus, black: cytoplasm). The following peaks are specific to DNA and RNA: A (785 cm−1, uracil/cytosine/thymine ring breathing, O−P−O stretch), B (813 cm−1, O−P−O stretch), C (828 cm−1, O−P−O antisymmetric stretch), F (1093 cm−1, O−P−O stretch and C−C stretch), and H (1580 cm−1, adenine/guanine C−N stretch). Peaks specific to proteins are D (854 cm−1, tyrosine ring breathing), E (1004 cm−1, phenylalanine ring breathing), and I (1660 cm−1, amide I alpha helix). Peaks dominated by lipids are G (1448 cm−1, CH2 deformation) and J (2800–3000 cm−1, C−H stretch).