Research Article

Identification, Characterization, and Effects of Xenopus laevis PNAS-4 Gene on Embryonic Development

Figure 1

Comparison of the PNAS-4 protein sequence from X. laevis (GenBank protein_id: AAH87412) with those of other species. (a) Alignment of xPNAS-4 and hPNAS-4 protein sequences (GenBank protein_id: NP_057160) showing that they are homologous proteins. There is a DUF862 domain (underlined) in the hPNAS-4 and xPNAS-4 proteins. Asterisks ( ) indicate amino acid residues that are conserved across species. Colons ( ) indicate strong similarity between protein xPNAS-4 and hPNAS-4. Dots ( ) indicate weak similarity. (b) Phylogenetic tree of the PNAS-4 nucleotide sequences.