Research Article

Optimization of the Fermentation Process of Actinomycete Strain Hhs.015T

Table 1

Effect of various carbon sources replacing starch and sucrose in SSY medium on antimicrobial activity of strain Hhs.01 to Candida vulgaris incubated 24 hours at on PDA medium.

Carbon sourcesDiameter of inhibition zones (mm)Price (RMB/Kg)supplierContents of carbon %

Glucose18.65 a14Fuchen Chemical Company, Tianjin99.2
White sugar18.33 a4.5Farmer’s Market, Yangling, Shaanxi90.25
Brown sugar17.86 ab5Farmer’s Market, Yangling, Shaanxi80.32
Apple pomace (hydrolyzate)17.45 ab0.6Juice factory, Qianxian, Shaanxi15.08
Starch16.21 ab28Fuchen Chemical Company, Tianjin98.5
Control (Starch+ sucrose)15.28 bc29Fuchen Chemical Company, Tianjin98.5
Bran13.15 c1.2Farmer’s Market, Yangling, Shaanxi16.23
Black7.78 d0
Vinegar residue (hydrolyzate)7.75 d0.6Farmer’s Market, Yangling, Shaanxi10.15

Note: Inhibition zones with the same letter showed no significant difference analyzed by SAS statistics systems. The portion of carbon sources was about 1.5% (w/v). The control medium was the SSY medium. The Black had no starch and sucrose in SSY medium.