Research Article

Optimization of the Fermentation Process of Actinomycete Strain Hhs.015T

Table 6

Analysis of the results of orthogonal design (L1645) for the optimization of strain Hhs.01 alternative cultural medium.

RunsDiameter of zones of inhibition (mm)


Note: Candida vulgaris was used as the target microbe inoculated 24 hours at on PDA medium in 20-cm-diameter Petri dish. One dish: one replication, the data in the table were the average of three replications.
, , , were apple pomace, rapeseed meal, MgSO47H2O, and KH2PO4, respectively. is the average value of the level of one variable in line , and is the difference between the maximum and the minor average values of all of the levels of one variable in line , roughly explaining the effect of every variable on the antimicrobial activity
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