Figure 2: Immunofluorescence colocalization of Akt1/PKB 𝛼 phosphorylated at Ser473 and at Thr308 in muscle fibers at the myotendinous areas. The nuclei in muscle fibers and tendocyte were visualized by staining of DNA with DRAQ5 (a, blue). The p-Akt1/PKB 𝛼 Ser473 (b, green) was localized in across sectioned muscle fibers at the MTJ. In muscle fibers at the MTJ, p-Akt1/PKB 𝛼 Thr308 (c, red) was identified. In same muscle fibers, p-Akt1/PKB 𝛼 Ser473 and Thr308 were colocalized (d, yellow). The tendon cells were negative for localizations of Ser473 as well as of Thr308. MTJ = myotendinous junction, t = tendon. Bar: (a)–(d) = 20  𝜇 m.