Figure 1: RELM 𝛼 and YM1/2 expression in the pleural cavity during L. sigmondontis infection. Left-hand plots: Flow cytograms depicting side scatter (SSC) versus RELM 𝛼 (a) or Ym1/2 (b) of pleural cavity cells 12 days post infection with L. sigmodontis. The gates for RELM 𝛼 + and Ym1/ 2 + cells were set using isotype control staining. The proportion of cells positive for RELM 𝛼 and Ym1/2 in naïve mice was 1.5% and 0.05%, respectively. Right-hand plots: Siglec-F versus F4/80 expression on Ym1/ 2 + or RELM 𝛼 + cells. Numbers in italics represent percentage of cells within the neighbouring gate.