Research Article

In Vivo Bioassay of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Synthesized in B. mori Pupae

Figure 1

SDS-PAGE and Western blotting analysis of BmrhGH expressed in B. mori pupae. The silkworm pupae were infected with the recombinant virus vBmrhGH or wild type BmNPV. The supernatant solution of pupae homogenate was prepared at 120 hours after infection and electrophoresed through 15% SDS-PAGE (a) and identified by Western blotting analysis with anti-hGH antiserum (b). Lanes: M, Low molecular weight marker; 1, supernatant solution of normal pupae; 2, supernatant solution of pupae infected by wild type BmNPV; 3, supernatant solution of pupae infected by recombinant virus vBmrhGH; 4, standard hGH. Arrow indicates BmrhGH protein.