Figure 1: MTT test of treated MDA-MB-231 cells at 24 hoursours after treatment; 5 105 cells suspended in 100  𝜇 l of a buffer (0.3 M mannitol, 0.1 mM Ca acetate and 0.1 mM Mg acetate) were electroporated according to the following electrical parameters: field strength 1.0  k V c m 1 and one rectangular pulse with a duration of 5 ms. Cisplatin was used at 10  𝜇 M and bleomycin—at 20  𝜇 M concentration. + p indicates electroporated probes, + P 1 8 8 indicates that cells were electroporated in the presence of 0.1 mM P188, and + | P 1 8 8 (0.1 mM) indicates the addition of P188 after the electrical pulse. All probes were diluted under identical conditions. The data represent the mean values from three experiments.