Table 4: Molecular networks constituted by the predicted miRNA targets. The list of differentially expressed miRNAs was directly uploaded in IPA and an analysis was performed in order to identify the molecular pathways and functions to which the predicted targets of the differentially expressed miRNAs belong. The database used by IPA to analyze miRNAs and their targets is Argonaute2 ( 𝑃 < . 0 1 .

IDMolecules in Network 𝑃 -valueFocus MoleculesTop Functions

1AKAP3, ATP2A2, C11ORF87, CNKSR2, CREB1, CUGBP2, EIF4E3, ELK1, FLRT2, HOXB2, HOXD12, IFNG, KLHDC10, KPNB1, MIR25, MIR150, MIR186, MIR221, MIR299, MIR143 (includes EG:406935), MIR182 (includes EG:406958), MIR200A, MIR200B, MIR200C, MIR34A, MYST4, OTOF, PAQR3, PER1, RPGRIP1L, SNRPA, SRCAP, UBFD1, USP6NL, WDR44 10E−2411Genetic Disorder, Skeletal and Muscular Disorders, Connective Tissue Disorders

2ATP1B1, C4ORF16, CALU, DHX15, DIP2C, DNMT3A, DNMT3B, EVX2, FAM108C1, FBXL11, HOXA5, HOXA10, INO80, JPH3, KLHL18, MACF1, MAP2K6, MIR126, MIR100 (includes EG:406892), MIR130A (includes EG:406919), MIR130B (includes EG:406920), MIR132 (includes EG:406921), MIR148A (includes EG:406940), MIR20A, MIR29B, MIR29B1, MIR29B2, MIR29C, MPPED2 (includes EG:744), NUFIP2, SMARCE1, SOX6, ZFP36L2, ZNF238, ZNF318 (includes EG:24149) 10E–199Genetic Disorder, Skeletal and Muscular Disorders, Infection Mechanism

3ADIPOR2, AR, ARF4, CAND1, CCNT2, CDKN1A, CHSY1, FBXW7, FNDC3B, IRS1, JUN, KLF6, LASS2, MAP1D, MDM2, MIR93, MIR375, MIR1 (human), MIR106A (includes EG:406899), MIR106B (includes EG:406900), MIR145 (includes EG:406937), MIR183 (includes EG:406959), MIR196B, MIR99A, MTPN, NPAT, NPPC, PDCD4, PFTK1, PPM1D, SERP1, SERPINB5, SLC16A2, TDG, TRIM2 10E−189Cancer, Reproductive System Disease, Cell Cycle

4MIR376A, MIR376A1, MIR376A2 10E−21Genetic Disorder, Skeletal and Muscular Disorders

5MIR365, MIR365-1, MIR365-2 10E−21

6EZH2, MIR101, MIR101-1, MIR101-2, MYCN 10E−21Cancer, Cellular Movement, Reproductive System Disease