Figure 5: Demonstration of TcoMSP-D in whole cell lysates of T. congolense and in cell-free serum of infected mice. Cell-free serum (equivalent to 0.2  πœ‡ L of undiluted serum) from control and infected mice and T. congolense whole cell lysates were separated by SDS PAGE and transferred to nylon membrane for Western analysis. The membrane was probed with rabbit 𝛼 -TcoMSP-D (NH3 domain) at 1/500 dilution and visualized with goat 𝛼 -rabbit HRP conjugated secondary antibody at 1/500 dilution. Lane 1: molecular weight standards; lane 2: normal mouse serum; lane 3: serum from T. congolense-infected mouse at 3 days post infection; lane 4: empty lane; lane 5: serum from T. congolense-infected mouse at 6 days post infection; lane 6: lysate from equivalent of 5 million blood-form T. congolense parasites; lane 7: molecular weight standards.