Figure 7: Immunization with TcoMSP-D amino-terminal domain resulted in increased susceptibility to infection: enhanced parasitemia and shorter survival time. Groups of 5 BALB/c mice were injected subcutaneously (s.c.) with TiterMax alone (Control), 5  𝜇 g, or 50  𝜇 g of the amino-terminal domain of TcoMSP-D in TiterMax at 4 different sites (25  𝜇 L/site). Six weeks postimmunization, all mice were infected with 2 × 1 0 3   T. congolense clone TC14 s.c. in a hind footpad. Parasitemia of the individual mice in each group [(a), control; (b), 5 𝜇 g ; (c), 50 𝜇 g ] and survival (d) were monitored after the infection. Mice which did not show any detectable parasitemia lived normally without any sign of disease until the termination of the experiment on day 30 postinfection. The results are representative of two different experiments.