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Insights into the Biology of IRES Elements through Riboproteomic Approaches

Table 1

RNA-binding proteins interacting with viral IRES.

ITAFSEffect on IRES activityIRES targetsFunctions in RNA metabolism

PTBStimulationFMDV, EMCV, TMEV, PV, HRV, HAV, HCVSplicing, polyadenylation, RNA stability, localization
DRBP76:NF45RepressorHRV, HCVTranscription, RNA transport, stability, viral replication
Ebp1/ PA2G4/ ITA F 4 5 StimulationFMDV, EMCV Transcription regulator
UnrStimulationPV, HRV, HCVTranslation control
HSC70FMDV, HCVViral replication
PCBP2StimulationPV, HRV, HAV, CVB3, FMDV ,RNA stability, translation control
Gemin5DownregulationFMDV, HCVRNA-binding factor of SMN complex
hnRNP UFMDVRNA processing, stability, transcription
hnRNP KFMDVTranscription, RNA stability, translation control
DAZ1FMDVTranslation control
G3BPFMDVStress granules assembly
Gpiap1FMDV, HCVTranscription regulator, viral replication
NucleolinStimulationPV, HRV, FMDV, HCVRibosomal RNA maturation, transport
FBP2RepressorEV71RNA stability
DDX1FMDVRNA helicase
RACK1HCVRibosomal subunits joining
IGF2BP1StimulationHCVRNA localization, stability, translation control
LaStimulationPV, EMCV, HAV # Transcription, translation control
NSAP1/ hnRNP QStimulationHCVRNA stability, translation control, SGs component
hnRNP LStimulationHCVRNA stability, translation control
hnRNP DStimulationHCVRNA stability, translation control
hnRNPA/BEV71, HCVRNA processing, translation control
GAPDHRepressorHAVRNA transport, translation control
YB-BP1HCVTranscription, RNA stability, translation control

No effect, # suppression.

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