Figure 2: Parasite burden in T. gondii-infected AhR-/- and WT mice after i.p. injection with ME49 strain of T. gondii. (a) Number of cysts per brain obtained after a kinetics of days p.i. as counted under the microscope ( 4 0 𝑋 magnification). Data are representatives of three independent experiments where 𝑛 = five mice per group ( 𝑃 < . 0 1 with respect to WT, student’s t-test). (b) T. gondii gene expression by semiquantitative PCR was performed in brains of noninfected mice (letter C) and WT and AhR-/- mice at 25 days post T. gondii infection using primers specific for the sequence of the T. gondii gene: A representative gel electrophoresis from three independent experiments. (c) PCR analysis for detection of T. gondii in brains of WT and AhR-/- mice at 25 days post T gondii infection (Student’s t-test).