Figure 8: Flow cytometric profiles of adherent exudate macrophages stained for TLR2 and CCR5. The histograms represent TLR2 (a) or CCR5 (b) versus F4/80 expression on adherent macrophages from AhR-/- or WT mice challenged with STAg for 24 hours after 25 days of T. gondii infection: Nonstimulus (dark line) and STAg stimulus (gray curve). Shown are representative data from three to four independent experiments. Significances were calculated by Student’s t test. 𝑃 < . 0 5 WT versus AhR-/-. Gel electrophoresis of 5-LOX and GAPDH-amplified products (c). Total RNA was isolated from splenocytes from WT and AhR-/- mice at 25 days after T. gondii infection as described in Materials and Methods.