Figure 6: Endocytosis of NA-EGFP incorporated VLP in A549 cells. The NA-EGFP VLPs were stained with R18 dye. Panels (a) and (b) show the EGFP and R18 signals, respectively. Panel c displays the superimposed images of panels (a) and (b). Panel (e) illustrates the endocytosis of NA-EGFP VLP in A549 cells with panel (d) as a mock control. The upper and right rectangular images of panel (d) and (e) depict horizontal and vertical cross-sections located at green and red lines, respectively. Rectangular images of a and d show the EGFP signals (green) whereas those of b and c show the R18 signals (red). The A549 cells were stained with DiD dye (pink). Graph (f) displays the average number of endocytosed vesicles containing NA-EGFP VLP per cell.