Research Article

The Adenovirus Type 3 Dodecahedron's RGD Loop Comprises an HSPG Binding Site That Influences Integrin Binding

Figure 1

Cryo-EM reconstruction of Bs-Dd in complex to an HS oligosaccharide. (a) Bs-Dd was incubated with dp8 and the cryo-EM reconstruction of the complex (left panel; pink and purple) was compared to the Bs-Dd alone (middle panel; gray) by sur-imposing them (right panel). The purple density is attributed to the dp8 presence, the pink one to the Bs-Dd. (b) Fitting of both the HAd2 penton base atomic structure (PDB 1X9P) and of an octamer of N-acetyl glucosamine (PDB 1EHN) represented in blue into a Bs-Dd pentamer extradensity viewed in a top view (left) and side view (right) orientation. The symbol “#” highlights the less defined edge of the extra density suggesting therefore that the molecule occupying this part is more flexible compared to the opposite vertex. Asterisks denote the missing part of the RGD loop in the HAd2 X-ray structure (brown part) as well as the hyper variable loop (grey part) compared to the Bs-Dd structure.