Research Article

Improvement of Radiation-Mediated Immunosuppression of Human NSCLC Tumour Xenografts in a Nude Rat Model

Figure 1

WBI dose variation in phantoms. Dose distribution along the depth of 6 cm ((a), (b)) and 4 cm (c) water equivalent phantom for Monte Carlo simulation of the X-ray photons passage through matter (green) and dose evaluation using a set of water equivalent plate ( 1 × 5 × 5  cm3) phantoms phantoms (red) for single (a) and double side ((b), (c)) radiation exposure is presented. The curves have been normalized to 100% on the surface of phantoms. Corresponding sets of phantoms with noted position of Ionization Chamber are demonstrated (a). Common (inset A) and new designed (insets B and C) cages with positions of rats during double side irradiation are shown.