Figure 1: Effect of the 𝛽 -glu6 on pB144-induced CD11c+ DC maturation. Mice were injected in the hind leg muscle with 𝛽 -glu6 (G, 1 mg/kg), pB144 (100  𝜇 g/mouse), pB144 together with 𝛽 -glu6 (pB144+G), or PBS. At day 5 after priming (a) and day 5 after boosting (b), spleen CD11 c + cells coexpressing CD40 (left panels), CD86 (middle panels), or MHC-II (right panels) were measured by flow cytometry. Data are expressed as mean ± SD of data from 3 mice/group. * 𝑃 < . 0 5 , pB144 +G versus all other groups; # 𝑃 < . 0 5 , pB144 versus PBS control.