Figure 5: Immunoblotting survey of cardiac proteins in dystrophic tissue. Shown is a Coomassie-stained gel (a) and corresponding immunoblots with expanded views of immuno-decorated bands ((b)–(j)). Immunoblotting was performed with antibodies to laminin (b), desmin (c), slow/cardiac myosin heavy chain ((d); MHCs), adenylate kinase isoform AK1 (e), porin isoform VDAC1 (f), succinate dehydrogenase ((g); SDH), fatty acid binding protein FABP3 (h), isocitrate dehydrogenase ((i); ICDH), and ATP synthase (j). See Figure 6 for the statistical evaluation of this immunoblotting survey of cardiac proteins. Molecular mass standards (in kDa) are indicated on the left of panel (a). Lanes 1 and 2 represent normal and dystrophic muscle extracts from control and MDX mice, respectively.